What Types of Businesses Benefit from ISO Standards?

The International Organization of Standardization establishes standards to measure and monitor the quality of processes, products, materials, and the organization of management systems of information. Every company that wants to operate in a global marketplace must master ISO standards in order be successful and competitive. Not everyone recognizes what the International Organization of Standardization can do for them, but those that do are typically more profitable. Here are examples of types of companies that benefit from ISO standards.

ISO 9001 is Recommended for Small Businesses

ISO 9001 is recommended for small businesses. All the processes can be written to help employees understand what’s necessary to keep the company productive, efficient, and safe. The basic functions will be streamlined and employees or management may change without any significant effects on overall operations. Small savings can be realized by incorporating ISO 9001 standards within the organization. With the small savings, instrumental changes can be made to make small businesses more profitable and sustainable.


  • Car Manufacturers
  • Car manufacturers are prime candidates for ISO standards. Automotive manufacturers have learned to increase productivity, innovation, and efficiency with ISO standards. This can also help people improve safety, quality, and reliability. General Motors, Ford, Daimler Chrysler and others all require their supplies to get certified. Car manufacturers are prime candidates for certification because it’s important to ensure the safety of all passengers in a vehicle.

  • Semiconductor Manufacturers
  • Semiconductor manufacturers need to have a controlled environment in the clean rooms to manufacture semiconductors. Even a minute piece of dust can make a difference in whether the semiconductor device operates or fails. Processes that operate according to ISO standards will be more efficient and foster more productivity in the environment. Every semiconductor company should strive to have a process in place to ensure exceptional manufacturing.

  • Retail
  • The retail industry is also concerned with increasing customer satisfaction with products and services. If the company wants to exceed customer expectation, ISO 9000 standards can be used to learn how to increase revenue. Retail workers rely on customer loyalty in order to remain profitable. When ISO standards are used to monitor quality relationships, revenue typically improves. This is great for retail workers.

  • Cell Phone, Computer, and Television Manufacturers
  • When assembling a cell phone, computer or television, it requires a process that is both efficient and accurate. ISO 9000 standards are designed to ensure that the technology that’s assembled operates according to specifications. Otherwise, there are numerous customers who are angry and irate that their devices do not work properly.

    What Types of Businesses Benefit from ISO Standards?
    International Standards will help in a variety of ways. It will help to save money and improve enhanced customer satisfaction. You will also receive increased market share and other environmental benefits when using International Standards. These are just a few ways to improve your processes and make your company a desirable place to purchase from throughout time. When the ISO standards applied, the businesses can benefit from the improved productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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