What is a Quality Management Plan?

A Quality Management Plan is necessary to determine how an the organization will implement a plan for quality assurance and quality control. Companies often need a description of how an organization structures its quality systems. From quality policies and procedures to areas of application, a quality management plan will include them all. If your company plans to develop..

Quality Management PlanBasics of a Quality Management Plan
The Quality Management Plan is specific to every program and is detailed enough to describe all the general practices of an organization. In addition, the details of projects can be described in the documents. The four main components of a quality management plan consist of quality improvement, quality assurance, quality control, and quality planning. If the plans are implemented properly, they will help to increase product and service quality.

The History of a Quality Management Plan

The term quality management is a recent phenomenon, but the concept of improving processes has been around since the beginning of advanced civilizations. When these civilizations began to mass produce items such as muskets and other goods, they would define best practices and determine the best ways to supervise and train other people. Henry Ford and Karl Friedrich Benz were two of the pioneers that focused on improving efficiency and lowering costs in the workplace.

Walter A. Shewhart was one of the main pioneers who led the way in the evolution of quality management. He participated by optimizing statistical methods used to evaluate productivity levels and quality control. W. Edwards Deming later applied these methods during World War II. Japan was also a part of the evolution process. Through their efforts, the 14 points of quality leadership and control emerged.

Examples of the 14 Points of Quality Leadership and Control

  1. Know how to demolish barriers between departments.
  2. All management personnel should be aware of their responsibilities and assume leadership positions.
  3. Supervision can help people, gadgets, and machines perform their job better.
  4. Leadership should constantly work to improve production and service.
  5. Organizations should constantly seek to educate their leaders.

Through these methods, the Japanese worked to develop products known for their high quality and low costs. Toyota was one product that became successful through these methods. ISO 9000 was just one of the series of standards that was adopted to monitor quality.

What is a Quality Management Plan?

A quality management plan is essential to producing an efficient and productive work environment. This type of work environment will yield a more effective product that is near error-free and less wasteful. Every company should have a quality management plan to control the type of products that reach the customer. Products with defects may harm the public or may make them look to competitors for better products and services. Evaluate your companies processes and determine how a quality management plan can help steer your company towards success.

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