What Does ISO Certification Represent?

The acronym ISO represents International Organization for Standardization. This organization is one of the world’s largest developer of international standards that can be voluntarily adopted by companies. The organization is non-governmental and independent. If you want to know more about ISO standards and what they represent, here’s what you need to know.

The History of ISO
ISO began in 1946 when representatives from 25 different countries met in London to discuss the prospect of creating a new international organization. This organization was designed to facilitate international coordination and unification of industrial standards. The new organization began operations in 1947. Since the organizations inception, over 19500 international standards have been developed.

What the Organization Consists Of
There are members from over 165 countries and 3,368 technical bodies. These people are assigned with implementing standard development. There are more than 150 people who work full time in Geneva, Switzerland through ISO’s Central Secretariat. These people dedicate their lives to determining what ISO standards should include, which will make each organization operate on the same quality level. This is why they are chosen carefully and held in high esteem.

What are the ISO Standards?
International standards will give world-class specifications for systems, services, and products. They ensure efficiency, safety, and quality. They also facilitate international trade. The standards are known to address issues in nearly every industry from food safety to technology. The best practices are published in this set of international standards.

The Benefits of ISO International Standards
ISO international standards ensure that products are both reliable and safe. ISO standards are strategic tools that can increase productivity and also reduce costs. Companies can gain new access to markets in a variety of different countries with ISO certification. The certification provides companies with the competitive advantage they need to sell their products and services. Increased revenue allows companies to thrive and reinvest into their products and services.

ISO Developed Standards Through a Variety of Means
The people who need the standards play a huge role in developing a consensus process. We have experts from all over the world who have developed standards according to their own international experience and knowledge. This means that the standards used have been proven to be effective by industry experts. Companies that apply these standards will generally produce a product that will be similar to other products in the industry in terms of quality.

It represents the best practices in every industry that if applied will increase the chances of a company producing a quality product in an environment that’s efficient and productive. Since the standards are the same all over the world, it’s easier to know what to expect from a company that verifies that they’ve completed the certification process successfully. Many companies avoid the process because they think it will be cumbersome. It’s actually more of an advantage for a company to have the certification than not. More and more companies are being encouraged to obtain their ISO certification for this reason.

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