What are the Requirements for ISO R2 Certification?

The requirements for ISO R2 certification are necessary to understand before receiving certification. As long as companies understand the ISO requirements, they are able to produce a product that will have a better chance of being accepted by customers who are seeking quality and reliability. Here’s what you need to know about ISO R2 certification requirements:

  1. R2 Practices Will Cover the Proper Management of Environmental and OH&S Issues
  2. These protocols cover the EHS management system among other issues relating to environmental issues. Any recycler must obtain a certification from an accredited organization in order to ensure that the practices are followed in accordance with the rules and regulations.

  3. Proper Selection and Management of Downstream Vendors
  4. Selection of the downstream vendors is of utmost importance. When the vendors are selected properly, it raises the standard of your product or services. Companies should always be aware of how they select their vendors in order to ensure proper operation of their products and services.

  5. Be Aware of Data Destruction Practices
  6. Always be aware of data destruction practices. Proper destruction of data will make your business more appealing to other companies who want to do business with your organization. It’s not always about your products or services, but it’s also how professional your company is in terms of handling private documentation and trade secrets. This is an important part of R2 certification.

  7. Safe Storage Practices
  8. Safe storage practices are important in any organization including those focused on environmental issues. If you want to learn more about the organization, you should learn the proper standards and implement them in the workplace. Everyone should have proper training to ensure that it’s implemented properly.

  9. Functioning Security Program
  10. Every company should have a functioning security program to ensure that their customers’ needs for protecting data are met. This should be understood by everyone in the organization to promote safe transactions and data handling. All intellectual property should be protected to give other companies assurance that your business is responsible and can handle any task given to them. Knowing how to establish a functioning security program is essential to R2 certification.

  11. Know How to Get Certified
  12. Knowing how to get certified will help you with your certification process. The entire process may take several months to complete, but it’s necessary for companies. Auditors should also understand the R2 Practices and use it as a training tool to ensure that all organizations remain in compliance. Start with one registrar and stick with them. The process is not easy or cheap. Keep in mind that most registrars require a three-year commitment.

After these requirements are mastered, you’re more likely to obtain certification and have the credibility that other companies are seeking. This process takes a short period of time, but the concepts must be mastered to gain respect in the industry. Contact a professional to master the requirements and learn how to gain the respect of your partners in the industry. It’s worth the effort for most companies to get involved.

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