What are the ISO Standards for the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

The aerospace industry requires strict ISO standards be met in order to ensure the safety of inhabitants aboard the aircraft. The AS9100 standard includes some of the standard text that’s included in the ISO 9001 standard, but it also has additional requirements for aerospace manufacturers. In this regard, companies that implement AS9001 will also be implementing ISO 9001 also. Here’s what you need to know about AS9100 certification:

  1. Exclusive Entry in the OASIS Database
  2. Every AS9100 certification will provide exclusive entry into the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS). This information is made available to all registrars and primes. New suppliers can be introduced easily to the aerospace market through the resources listed in the database.

  3. Establish a Robust System That’s Effective and Efficient
  4. When companies incorporate a system that’s both efficient and effective, they are more apt to have a safe manufacturing environment. In a safe manufacturing environment, you can expect to reduce costs and time spent manufacturing a product. Establishing a robust system is one of the most important ways to ensure that a safe product is produced.

  5. Manage Suppliers and Hold Them to ISO Standards
  6. When you ensure that your suppliers are following ISO standards, you’ll get an overall better product. Every component should be inspected according to ISO standards to yield an overall product that is superior to competitors who are not attentive to these details.

  7. Regulatory Requirements are Defined in ISO Standards
  8. The requirements will help to ensure that everything created will be in line with the contractural and applicable laws and regulations. The agencies that monitor these laws will help your company remain in compliance and increase your chances of creating a product that’s safe and viable in the marketplace.

  9. Identify Key Features
  10. Part of meeting the ISO standards require identifying the key features. When the key features are identified, the material can be chosen to yield superior performance, fit, and manufacturability.

  11. Be Aware of Planning Product Realization
  12. Planning product realization is essential for efficient and effective processes. This ensures that in-process occurs early in the process and prevents problems in the future when it’s more difficult to verify it. The tooling design is an important part of process control methodology. This is used to ensure that all process data will be captured.

  13. Be Aware of Design-and-Development Functions
  14. The design-and-development functions are becoming more important as the complexity of the aerospace products increases. Design outputs are often supplemented to identify the key characteristics. This type of data is essential to identify the product and determine how it is manufactured, used, inspected, and maintained.

Determine the ISO Standards for the Aerospace Manufacturing

There is a long list of ISO standards for the aerospace manufacturing industry, but this list gives companies an idea of what to expect when reviewing the ISO standards. Most people have difficulty determining which standards are applicable for the aerospace industry. You can determine the ISO standards for the aerospace manufacturing industry by enrolling in a class and becoming a certified professional.

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