What is Quality Control Management?

Quality control management is by definition, “The act of overseeing all activities and tasks needed to maintain a desired level of excellence.” This process may include implementing a strategy for quality planning, quality assurance, quality improvement, and quality control. Many experts refer to the entire umbrella of strategies as total quality management (TQM). If you want to learn more about quality control management, here’s what you need to know.

Explanation of Quality Control

quality control managementIn general, the purpose of quality control is to discover defects in products that are manufactured by a company. Every company typically develops a process by which to discover defects in their organization. Management is hired to oversee the process and to give someone the authority to allow or deny the first product release.

Quality assurance may also be a part of this process, and it focuses on the improvement and stabilization of the product. The goal is to minimize the issues that led to the defects. Once they are identified, they can be eliminated, and the process can be improved to prevent future defects. Most contracts are not renewed when quality control is insufficient.

What a Business Should Expect from Quality Control?

Quality control is the process that’s used to help companies control quality in products or services. Some quality control processes may include checking and verify that a product exhibits certain characteristics. Other processes may include examining and testing to ensure quality products or services. At the end of every quality control process, a quality product should be yielded. Quality products are defined as safe, dependable, and affordable.

In general, a team of workers are required to achieve this goal. As products or services are rendered, they are examined at a random interval. The goal of any quality control team is to yield quality products. If the process is not, then the process should be modified. In some instances, if the product cannot meet standards it will have to be redesigned or shut down.

The Responsibility of the Quality Control Team

Quality control teams are not responsible for correcting quality issues once they are identified. Instead, they notify another team that can make changes in the design to improve the products or services. When proper quality is achieved, production as usual can resume. This process is ongoing, and successful companies are constantly implementing quality control processes.

Examples of Quality Control Processes

Quality control is also a part of every food manufacturing process. Most companies test samples of their product at different intervals to ensure it’s safe and edible. The taste should also be consistent every time.

Electronics also incorporate a quality control process into the manufacturing process. They review the products to ensure their safety. They may pour water on the devices or force them to undergo stress tests to ensure that they’ll survive for a long period of time.

What is Quality Control Management?

Quality control management may involve evaluating your employees and ensuring that they have adequate skills or training. If your employees are misinformed, they may be a part of your problem in quality control. If you want to eliminate defects, you have to ensure that all of your team members are aware of how to produce a quality product or service.

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