ISO Standards Dummies

ISO standards are necessary to help your organization operate more efficiently while conserving resources. When companies can reduce resources, like energy, more efficiently, the companies will become more cost efficient and also more conscious of the proper way to produce a product or provide service. Here are some of the standards that you may need to know to have an efficient workplace.

  1. ISO 50001 Helps Companies Use Energy More Efficiently
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    ISO 50001 helps organizations, in all sectors, use energy more efficiently. This model is designed to facilitate continual improvement. Organizations who need to integrate energy management into their overall efforts should work to improve quality and environmental management. With ISO 50001, companies are supposed to develop a policy for more efficient use of the energy, and you can fix targets and objectives to meet the policy.

  3. Environmental Management with ISO 14001:2004
  4. ISO 14001:2004 is the foundation for the development of an environmental management system (EMS). This ISO standard will ensure compliance. As the awareness of an environment develops, the next stage is to invest ways to reduce the costs of the organization.

  5. Environmental Management Systems with ISO 14004:2004
  6. Performance should be continually evaluated with ISO 14004:2004 to ensure that the organization continues to improve. Principles, systems, and support techniques will be explained with this ISO standard.

  7. ISO 5001 for Energy Management
  8. The ISO 5001 is designed to focus on the improvement of energy management and other ways to increase energy efficiency. This ISO standard will discuss dependency on foreign oil and climate change.

  9. ISO 22000 for Health and Safety
  10. The ISO standard will set a global guideline for food safety and handling. Corporations, such as Kraft Foods, have embraced these standards. The entire set of guidelines focuses on reducing hazards and safety issues. Food-borne illnesses, for instance, are addressed.

  11. IWA 1:2005 for Healthcare Sector
  12. This particular ISO standard should be employed in the healthcare sector. Organizations must be prepared to respond to man made and organizational waste. This standard provides recommendations while continuing a customer-centric framework.

There are approximately 300 standards governing how businesses conduct themselves in the workplace. All businesses should have a plan in place for continual improvement within their organizations. Otherwise, they are likely to produce a substandard product that consumers will not enjoy. Find the ISO standard that works best for your organization and receive training.

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