ISO R2 Certification

ISO R2 Certification

ISO R2 Certification Consultant

ISO R2 certification helps companies who want to have a responsible solution for handling electronic waste. These best practices can teach organizations how to handle electronic waste responsibly. When companies have an abundance of data flowing in and out of their organizations, it’s imperative to have a plan in place to prevent any problems from occurring that may irreparably harm or slow your processes. Our California R2 consultant can teach you what it may require to become ISO R2 certified.

About Our ISO R2 Consultant
Michael Madewell is one of the most experienced consultants. He has worked with over 300 different companies including Dana Corporation to help them improve their processes with ISO standards. ISO R2 certification is just one of the certifications that he encourages companies to obtain. He covers a variety of topics to help you learn the proper quality management of environmental and OH&S issues. He also will teach you how to integrate safe storage practices and how to achieve financial responsibility. His courses are accredited. You’ll gain a significant amount of knowledge that will improve your company’s productivity and efficiency.

The Importance of Environmental Concerns
He ensures that everyone in the organization takes environmentalism seriously. With everyone working together, the company will pass the R2 audit on the first time and have a better image in the community. Millennials want to do business with responsible companies. If they are not R2 certified, they may not be a preferred vendor for millennials.

The Importance of Electronic Equipment and Data Security
Electronic equipment accountability is important and data security should be a top priority. He helps companies achieve this goal. He ensures that all equipment meets the highest industry standards and best practices. Our R2 consultant wants to ensure that your company is an industry leader in terms of safety, environmental, and operations.

ISO R2 certification distinguishes your company as a leader in many ways. Choosing to become R2 ISO Certified tells your customers that your firm:

  • Cares about the environment here in the U.S., and globally.
  • Takes environmental responsibilities seriously.
  • Creates a system of accountability for their electronic equipment, all the way to final disposition.
  • Data security is a top priority.
  • Adheres to the highest industry standards and best practices.
  • Is an industry leader in operations, safety, and environmental.

Guaranteed R2 Certification
Our consultant guarantees that you will get your certification on the first time, or we’ll pay for re-certification. This helps companies who are “on the fence” make the decision to get R2 certified despite the investment it requires to acquire the R2 certification.

Get R2 Certified in 90 Days
You can get R2 certified in 90 days with the help of our experienced consultant. He can teach you about the R2 certification process and set your organization to be certified within a short period of time. This is helpful for companies who feel as though they are losing clients because they do not have their R2 certification. If you need to be R2 certified, you should inquire about our program that will help you obtain certification in 90 days or less.

Get ISO R2 Certified
It’s not difficult to become ISO R2 certified, but it does require dedication and commitment from every employee. The companies that are willing to put in the work are more likely to pass the ISO R2 audit on the first time. His expertise has helped so many companies achieve the level they want in their organizations, and he plans to help many others recognize the importance of ISO R2 certification in their organizations.

Russ Moir

Russ Moir

Hello Mike, I want to thank you for doing such an excellent job with the Bangladesh team. The General Manager reports he is very impressed with your experience and expertise. And, he believes that more than just a “certification” the company will go to the next level in the pursuit of excellence because of your efforts with us. Well Done!

Russ Moir

United Surgical


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