ISO 9001 Certification Trends

An increasing number of companies are expressing interest in ISO certification, but between 1994 and 2002, the world-wide trend for ISO 9001 showed that the interest in ISO 9001 was slowing. During this time, it had not been widely accepted by the United States. Why? Studies showed economic conditions may have limited companies ability to invest in ISO certification. Even with slowing economic conditions, it still remained strong among companies in safety and industrial markets. As more new companies are being introduced and economic conditions improve, the rate of certification is expected to increase.

Trend 1: More Companies are Seeking International Organization Standardization (ISO)
The most common ISO being sought by companies will allow companies to monitor their quality management system. The certification program is often recommended for auto manufacturers, hotel management, and other people in the industry.

Trend 2: Improve Efficiency with ISO Standards
The ISO 9001 standard will improve the process efficiently and effectively. Every company that participates in the program will benefit from the principles of strong customer focus. Companies with support from top management will have continual improvement.

Trend 3: Technology Companies Getting Involved
Several technology companies are recognizing the benefits of ISO 9001 certification. Companies providing graphic interface solutions may want to ensure that their delivery times are prompt and that their customers are satisfied. An ISO certification will give the company the tools it needs to provide alternative solutions to its microcontroller-based products. Speed and quality can be improved with ISO certification.

Trend 4: Let Vendors Know You’ve Met the Standards
Vendors want to do business with other people that have met the standards for the international standards for production. There are four separate quality management certifications. They all are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a quality management system.

Trend 5: Outsourcing to External Certification Body
Many companies are outsourcing to an independent certification body. This is often better since they have an expertise in the area and can handle the certification process quickly and easily. An auditor will analyze all different areas of the company from customer relations and production to human resources. Even product realization may be audited when a third party source is included. These companies can make re-certification easy.

Trend 6: Customers Get the Best Quality Products and Services
ISO certification helps companies to produce the best quality products and services that are available. When companies are looking for a more efficient and customer-focused business strategy, they turn to third party companies to provide solutions to help them produce the best quality products and services.

The trends associated with ISO 9001 are favorable for companies. If companies obtain their certification, they are likely to improve. This means that profitability will improve if companies are satisfied with their products and services. It’s a good business investment that should be considered. Everyone is keeping a close watch on the trends to ensure that they do not make a bad business investment. In general, it looks like it’s a good idea to invest in ISO 9001 training to improve business and profitability. Contact your local provider and determine the best solution for you.

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