How to Verify ISO Certification

Verifying ISO certification is not difficult if you know the criteria by which to rate the certification. In general, a third-party certification body or registrar should conduct an audit of the processes and procedures to determine if all of the ISO standards are being met. Agencies are the essential component to determining if an agency is ISO compliant to a particular standard or scope. Here’s how they verify ISO certification.

  • Ask for the Agency’s Certification Paperwork
  • All registrars use formal certification to provide to facilities when they become ISO compliant. This ensures that companies can execute the proper protocols in accordance to ISO standards. Most companies do not recognize the importance of this documentation until a customer or partner requests it. Then, they have to scramble to obtain the documentation to retain the company’s business. Some owners have lost business to competitors because they did not have the certification when requested.

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  • Certification Should Be Current
  • The date on the certification document should be current. It should have the name of the registrar that is certifying the facility. Most certifications have a stamp from the accrediting organization on the document. The stamp verifies that it’s a valid document. Common accredited organizations include American National Standards Institute, United Kingdom Accreditation Service, or International Accreditation Service.

  • Verify the Certification Document
  • Ensure that the certification is for the facility being inspected and not a sister or partner site. Keep in mind that ISO registration is for individual sites and not for entire companies. This is how many organizations get confused. Every site in a company must be ISO verified separately because the standards may be different for every department or organization within a company. Be cognizant of this when obtaining certification.

  • Always Check with the ISO Certification Registrar
  • Contact the registrar directly and tell them the name of the facility in question. Verify any ISO certification that the facility currently holds and then, determine what they’ll need in the future. Websites are available to help companies quickly supply the information. When the information is verified, business owners can conduct business with confidence.

  • Confirm the Integrity of the Organization
  • The integrity of the registrar or certification may be questionable. If this is the case, contact the accreditation body, and they will confirm the integrity of the document and the organization. This will give organizations the peace of mind that they need to convince their customers that they provide a quality product or service.

    If you want to verify the ISO certification, you must follow the steps. The process isn’t difficult, but it will require patience and time. Once the certification is verified, it will be easier to gain the trust of customers and partners. ISO certification is almost a necessity to conduct business in today’s society. Every company should secure ISO certification to ensure that they will not lose business. When they don’t have certification, more questions must be answered before credibility is established. Businesses save time and money by being ISO certified.

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