How to Promote Your ISO Certification

ISO certification is a great tool to have, but it’s even more effective if every vendor knows that you have successfully completed your certification. There are several ways to advertise your ISO certification so that it will be effective. Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your company and certification are visible and exposed to the public.

Take the Traditional Route
Send out an email to everyone you do business with to tell them that you are certified. You can also prepare a press release or post notification on your website. These types of announcements are effective, but usually, they are not posted in a timely manner. Posting in a variety of traditional outlets can help you bring credibility to your organization.

Tips to Make Your Promotion a Success
A certification logo can help more people recognize that you are certified and have successfully passed your audit. Print the logos on literature, business cards, and stationary. The logos you use can be created based upon your own corporate logo. The ISO logo can only be used for certified companies or registrars. Registrars should review the application of their mark to be certain that it is being used in accordance with the guidelines and principles outlined.

Put your prepared press release in industry magazines, local newspapers, and trade organizations. An article in your company newsletter or an email from your president or CEO can be helpful. You can also have your employees wear promotional items. They can wear special t-shirts or drink from mugs. Many companies send out water bottles, mouse pads, and also calendars to announce that they’ve passed the audit and are now, certified. Marketing is an important part of utilizing your ISO certification to the fullest.

Promotional items are a low cost way to get a high return on your ISO certification. Your employees or supporters can capture the attention of a client while on vacation or sitting in a coffee shop. The opportunities are endless. It’s an effective way to advertise and promote.

You can also display your certificate in a high-traffic location within your office building. The front lobby is a good place to start. Some companies have also created a page on the company’s website. This is a fast and easy way to tell customers about your certification. Companies can go the extra mile by including an electronic copy of your certificate.

Promote your certificate in 140 characters or less on your company’s Twitter page. Be sure to add a link to your website to increase sales. Some companies may also fly a flag or banner outside their building to announce their new certification. Registrars may often provide these flags to registered or certified companies.

Promoting your ISO certification is an essential part of becoming recognized in the industry. If your vendors do not know that you’re ISO certified, they’ll continue to conduct business with people who are certified. Promote your ISO certification and get the sales and recognition that your company needs to be successful.

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